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Kripling stings.

I was caught in the sting of translation.
The sun that ones set now rises again. Eating me like cancer.
Shall i swim or sink? I dont know the answer to the questions.
The questions i dont want to answer.
Hello, i know your listening. My silent prayer is known to you.
They say that sometimes there are no take two’s or pause or even re runs.
Sometimes when life gives you that another chance either you accept it or let it go.
And not expect for it to return.
Dreams to be reality or dreams to be memories.

I never know how the morning on your smile looks.
Or the voice on your lips comfort with reality.
Am i looking at an illusion im pretty sure its a vision.
When remedy becomes the enemy, when the solution becomes the compromise
Shall we run to woods and forget about the world or shall we throw on the towel and wave the flag.
I want to save you but who will save me?
You give me reasons to believe. I give you answers i believe.
My eyes it speaks truth and not myth.
For ones my heart and mind worked as one. But the clouds are so deem that my eyes are covered.
My ears are empty but the words haunt me.

If you believe in me then you’ll take my hand if not then ill take yours.
But what if you’d still let go? Will look back and change your mind?
Or run and soar. How i wish i can teach the heart w/c is not mine.
How i wish i can kill the demons inside you.
Im the torch bearer call me your savior.

Did i regret the past? yes. But hell will not regret the future.
Im building the bridge how come you wont take the pillar instead?
I know we are steady but why are we shaking?
why do we tremble to the most important thing.
Can’t we save the sunlight? or even just a slice of the moon?
why are you scared? your are not the only one fighting for this battle.
Or are you even fighting for this battle? or am i the only one on the front line.
Will i have a fallback? or daggers will catch my back.

Such a sad world they say if you smile alone.
If you make dreams alone then you are not building a future.
If slowly you are being blinded then Id better be a blind man left in the dark. so we both see what the other one sees
Someday all the colors of the world will dry, and the waters will turn to sand
And all the pain and suffering will be gone. So a toast for all the emptiness
and hope for a better day.

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El Capitan - La Sardinia

El Capitan - La Sardinia

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